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1'st "Linedance I Göteborg" - Lineup Linedance 
Addicted2Salsa : Salsa Dance Videos - Free!  
DanceCentral.infoInstructions and videos for a lot of dances
Dansbandsveckan i Malung 
DJ Tips - How to Be a Better Dance DJGuidelines for playing recorded music at a social dance party
Donnum Ferrum 
Dorry & Sommer: Lindy Hop Swing Dance in Baltimore 
Lindy Hop, The Original Swing Dance 
Michael Thomas - Free Dance Lessons + Dance Links to YouTube 
Online Dance Lessons - Lindy Hop, Hip Hop, Salsa, Swing and more 
West Coast Jitterbugs 
YouTube - aanw97s kanal 
YouTube - Evolution of Dance - By Judson Laipply 
YouTube - Evolution of Dance 2 - By Judson Laipply